Welcome to Infinity Consumer Services!

  Infinity Consumer Services is a consumer advocacy firm offering personal management services that assist consumers in ensuring lenders, creditors, banks, financial institutions, credit reporting agencies, debt collectors and debt collection attorney firms are performing according to fair business practices with market integrity.

     Infinity Consumer Services was formed in 2007 with the intention of assisting consumers with managing their personal financial business affairs.  After several years of experience in the debt relief industry, it became apparent that the issues most consumers have with debt was far more in depth than the merely owing money to a lender/creditor.

     Out of our experience in the debt relief industry came a new understanding that not all debt is ‘bad debt’, not all contracts are valid, and not all lenders, creditors, banks, financial institutions, credit reporting agencies, debt collectors and debt collection attorney firms are following the strict letter of the law in every situation.  In fact, we found this to be true in most situations.  We found these organizations using unfair practices simply because their usual course of business ‘appears’ to be following all the rules.  Rules and laws the average consumer is completely unaware of and less knowledgeable about in areas such as finance, debt, debt collection, credit reporting, legal claims brought in court and much more.

     After seeing this unfortunate reality being repeated for hundreds of thousands of American consumers year after year, Infinity Consumer Services made a choice to stop feeding into the unscrupulous consumer debt industry by advocating for consumers through various resources that question the validity of the practices and integrity of lenders, creditors, financial institutions, debt collection firms, debt collection attorney firms, debt buyers and credit bureaus. 

     We believe in the legal maxim "a workman is worthy of his hire."  This means every man and woman is worth their hard-earned money.  We provide services that require all those party to a lending contract are acting above board and in good faith.  Often this results in a discharge of the original obligation with the removal of negative remarks from the consumer credit report allowing consumers to rightfully keep their worthy hire and once again stimulate the economy.  We further believe consumer education is key to creating a better future for all Americans.

If you’re a consumer that does not fully understand legalese (legal language) of contracts, banking, commercial law, consumer credit laws, debt collection laws, credit reporting laws and are unable to understand your alleged credit obligations, Infinity Consumer Services was created for you.  We’re here to offer services that bring piece of mind with a team of support.

We are here for you.  Infinity Consumer Services is in your corner and will do its very best to assist you through our services!



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