Another feature of the Infinity Consumer Services program includes a credit report restoration service.  When consumers fall behind on their obligations, credit reporting agencies receive negative information from lenders and/or debt collection firms.  Under consumer protection laws, consumers have the right to challenge the accuracy of the remarks.  If a remark has been placed on the credit report erroneously,  credit reporting agencies are required to remove the remark.

The credit reporting agencies use automated technology to add or remove remarks from the credit report.  From our experience, we have seen thousands of remarks removed for erroneous reporting.

Our customers are placed with a reputable credit repair company to restore their credit report to its proper status which often raises a consumer’s credit score to a much more accurate number.


Infinity Consumer Services combines multiple services to help every consumer better manage their private personal business affairs.  We keep records of enrolled accounts, mailing records, up to date program account information and ongoing support.  If these services sound helpful to you, contact us for a consultation by one of our experienced consumer advocates. 

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