Frequently Asked Questions

We know that making any kind of changes can be scary and can raise some questions...we are here to help you through this!

How do I get enrolled?

There are several ways to speak with our Consumer Advocates. You can reach us by phone at 888-556-5436 or you can email us at We are always here to help!

How long does this process take?

How long does this process take?

The process of debt dispute and credit restoration usually takes 18-24 months depending on where the client is in their debt collection phase.  If a client decides to dispute the debt and cease payments to their creditors when they enroll in the Infinity Consumer Services Debt Dispute Program, it could take 6-12 months to go into collections and receive a collection letter.  In that scenario, the entire process will take 24 months and possibly longer.  If a client is already receiving collection letters on the accounts they have enrolled in the program, they will usually finish the program within 18 months.

How does the dispute process work?

When a consumer enrolls in the Infinity Consumer Services Dispute Program, they give authorization for a representative to communicate on their behalf.  This is the same as appointing a power of attorney.   The representative is authorized to dispute the alleged debt with any third party debt collectors that may attempt to collect the alleged debt from you.  Because the client has appointed the authorized representative to do so, the representative will put together a dispute under various laws that pertain to the collection of debt.  The authorized representative will serve it as a notice on the debt collector within the 30 day dispute time frame as stipulated in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. 

The debt collector is notified in the dispute to respond through the Authorized Representative, not to the client.  Debt collectors will often try to subvert the notary process and respond directly to the client.  If the client receives any communication in regards to the dispute, it is the client’s responsibility to forward the debt collector’s response to Infinity Consumer Services immediately so the authorized representative can send out a notice of insufficient response.  All communications received by the client from the debt collectors are to be sent to Infinity Consumer Services immediately.  Most, if not all, attempts by the debt collector to prove the debt is valid are insufficient.

Upon failure of the debt collector to provide proof of debt, the debt collector must cease all collection activity.  This process creates a record of dispute, also known as a commercial record, done through your appointed authorized representative within the 30 day time frame thus creating evidence that the debt collector does not have a valid claim.

Once enrolled what do I do first?

Our clients have one main responsibility and that is to immediately send in all debt collection communications from any third party debt collectors.  That’s it!  We’ll do the rest.  Third party debt collection letters are not statements from your creditor.  The debt collection letters will contain some form of the following verbiage “…unless you dispute this debt within 30 days of receipt of this letter, we’ll assume the debt is valid”.   It is crucial to the success of the program that you send the collection letter to Infinity Consumer Services as soon as you receive it.  Clients may send collection letters in one of two ways by fax or emailing to the following fax number and email address:

Fax 888-556-0473


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