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We offer resources that advocate for you such as a Authorized Representative, a legal plan with a network of over 200 attorneys nationwide and affiliates to assist you in restoring your credit report to good standing.



Interested in what you've read so far and want to know more? 


We have compiled a few answers to some of the questions we have experienced in the past. 


To Whom it may concern:


There are many, many, MANY ways to look at how to handle debt and just as many companies wanting to talk you into consolidation. I talked with various

ones who almost had me convinced that it would make sense to allow my accounts to stay with the credit card companies and let this random person try to consolidate my debt. I was told my debt would be bundled with other people’s debt and then they would negotiate a good “deal” with the credit card companies for how much I would pay back to the credit cards at some sort  of discount and then pay THEM a fee for their “work” on my behalf. The scary part of doing this is that I was putting my financial well being in the hands of someone I only knew from a conversation on the phone and once I signed with them, I had no chance of having my debt invalidated should the credit card company sell my account to a creditor which is what they do with unpaid accounts such as mine.


FORTUNATELY, I continued to research options and feel SO GRATEFUL that I found Infinity Consumer Services. I was EDUCATED about debt and how my credit card companies would be selling my account to a creditor who  was a third party and would then hound me relentlessly for payment and I would feel threatened and more hopeless than I already did.


What I didn’t know is that once my account was sold to a third party, that made it eligible for invalidation. That is where INFINITY CONSUMER SERVICES comes in. By sending my  communication letters or notices from creditors or debt collectors, including collection letters to Infinity within the 30 day window I was able to have Infinity begin the debt invalidation process with each of my accounts.  


Infinity gave me links for videos to watch to educate me about the process I was entering since it would be MY responsibility to get these collection letters to them to give to my Authorized Representative for processing.  I was taught that the letters would contain the following:


State that they are from a debt collector

Have  a current date on top of letter so I can send to Infinity within 30 days for processing

Has an address to send correspondence.


What was great about this is that I could now actually look forward to debt collector letters instead of be in fear of receiving them. I now knew what to do with them. I sent each one into Infinity and GUESS WHAT?


One by one I have watched my debts become INVALIDATED and removed from collections.  The amazing part is that I even received legal compensation from harassment calls after notifying the third part collector not to call my cell phone anymore and they continued to do so. There are actually laws to protect you and me from harassment.  A legal team is part of the option of working with Infinity.


I have had several phone calls with staff at Infinity who have helped me immensely and always put me at ease with questions I still had.

I have ALWAYS been treated with honesty and respect.


I AM SO GRATEFUL I MADE THE DECISION TO LET INFINITY CONSUMER SERVICES HELP ME WITH MY DEBT!!!  Each time I talk with them I tell them so!  I was more than happy to write this testimonial in the hopes that others who are in my situation of being over your head in debt and not knowing where to turn can have the confidence to call Infinity Consumer Services and know you will be in the best hands to help you resolve your debt through invalidation and NOT consolidation.


Please take the time to call them. Get the education and the reassurance and peace of mind you deserve.


Best wishes on your journey to financial wellness, because yes, there is a credit restoration process at the end of all this.  You have to be willing to let your credit score decline knowng that as your debt is handled and invalidated you can have your credit restored and Infinity will also help with that step.


I have almost completed my debt invalidation process and am excited to start my credit restoration steps.


From a grateful single mom who  now has peace of mind,

C. Vincent  - Pittsburgh, PA


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