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Infinity Consumer Services personal business management services.

What is personal business management? 


Infinity Consumer Services saw a need for consumers that helps managing their private personal business affairs in their busy lives. 


Personal business refers to business a person has other than for commercial or for-profit purposes.

Consumers are often unaware of how to manage their personal finances when money gets tight as extreme pressure builds to uphold financial obligations.  We agree that there is in fact a moral component to an obligation.  However, all parties to an agreement have an obligation to provide fairness in their business practices; not just one party or the other.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a consumer has a right to dispute the validity of the debt while their creditor has an obligation to provide requested disclosures under Consumer Credit Cost Disclosure provisions.

If certain disclosures are not provided, the lender may be in violation of consumer lending laws.

Our program offers several different methods to assist consumers with tracking violations and asserting their rights under a consumer unsecured credit contract.


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  • State & IRS Tax Relief

  • Business Debt Relief

  • Bankruptcy

  • Lawsuit Defense

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